Monday, 4 March 2013

March 4 (Who am I?)

Picked up Molly at 6:40 and went to school as per normal. Didn't talk much...i guess we're  getting comfortable with each other.

I'm really alil disappointed when she didn't told me about syafiq. Syafiq Texted her saying that he missed her and all that but she didn't told me about it. I did asked her why she didn't told me and she said that i would'nt be interested in it. I was like..."Who am i really in your life?" it was have a feeling that you're nobody in the life of somebody you care for. And honestly, I'll just leave it in your hands to do whatever it is you wanna do. Besides who am i in your life?

I don't want to dwell in to much and i can't expect to much since we've been friends for just a month. I don't even know what to do anymore. I don't even think i should be all dramatic about Friendships....i don't care what i think anymore. Never in the first place have i cared. Its always been fine with putting Marly first. But damn it don't feel like its right anymore. I'm just gonna suck it up and pretend that nothing happened. 

I don't want to see her hurt again but then again..who am i? I don't know syafiq well so i don't have to right to say anything. I just feel worried for her sake that Something might happen. But then again...Who am i?

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