Friday, 8 March 2013

March 7 (18 Alas!!)

Yup i turned 18 today and i celebrated one of da best Birthday surprises ever for meh and its from Molly :3 Loving her. We met up in school and it was normal for us. A Normal Day Alas without any Arguments. The days where the Roller Coaster ride didn't have any slopes and flew into the sky and we're still flying in it.

We planned to eat some Pizza at Pizza Hutt @ DowntownEast. Planned to meet up infront of Pasir Ris Mrt Station at e entrance to white Sands Mall. We planned to meet up at 4pm and i got there at 3:50pm. Just in time. So i waited...and i waited...and i waited..Seeing trains arriving on the train platform above and seeing Passengers enter and exit the station but none of them were Molly. So i was thinking..."Da Faq is she?" But i was Patient, Always has and always will be. Kept on waiting till about 4:13pm, Molly's Second sis texted me saying that Molly just left home. I was like "Oh" lol i wasn't mad or anything, just annoyed that she was late.

Since i was waiting for her all alone and had nobody to talk to, i texted with her sis alil. She's a great lady and funny for the most time. Turns out, Molly arrived at 4:40pm I waited for her for about 50mins. And damn i was surprised at how patient i can get. She apologized and i forgived, saying that her punishment for being late will be to eat more Pizza's. She gave me that "What the fuck..that isen't even a Punishment" with a smile. It makes me happy to spoil her at time but i don't wanna ruin her by making it a habbit. So we looked around and finally found Pizza Hutt which turns out to be an Outlet that's based for Delivery and not a Restaurant Outlet. We were dissapointed but i knew that we have domino's somewhere around there and Saprino's which if its how you even spell it. Seperino? i dunno.

Since we never tried Seperino's before, we decided to try it out. Its on the First floor of Ehub and its right infront of the Bowling place..whatever yes the Bowling alley place. We ordered our pizza and sat down. While waiting for the Pizza to arrive, Molly said that she has to be excused to head to the washroom. So she went up the escalator.

Afew Mins after she left, I kinda wondered where the closest Washroom was, I knew that MOST malls in singapore has a Washroom for each level. So i turned around and Noticed a Washroom on our level but Molly went up to the level above. I figured well maybe she didn't noticed that there was a washroom around so i didn't thought anything about that. The food came but Molly didn't and soo i waited again. When she finally came back and sat down, I asked her where was the Tissues that she wanted to get since that was the Sole reason she wanted to go to the Washroom. She said she had to wipe her face and used the Tissues there.

There i was again clueless at how weird Molly was but still didn't suspected anything. She then asked me for a lighter, saying that she wanted to smoke. I was like...."Ok the food is coming, you can smoke later after we eaten." She didn't gave up on my lighter tho and i was starting to suspect something. She then asked what brand my Lighter was. I told her it was from BIC and she said that she wanted to see it. I figured it was just an Excuse that she wanted to smoke so i didn't gave it to her. She persuaded me saying that she's not even gonna smoke here in the Mall so i figured its not such a big deal, maybe letting her hold onto my lighter would make her keep Quiet. Its like handling a child and its cute. She then did something with the lighter under the table and before long, Popped out a Small Choc Cupcake with a Candle ontop of it.

It was a shock and it was heartwarming. I didnt expect that she'd get something for me on the day itself  because before, she told me that she didn't get to work and is held back on her pay to get me any presents. I didn't mind about presents tho, Getting to meet her is the best present she could give me. She also handed me a Round Box tied in a white ribbon. It was my presents inside. When i wanted to open it, She told me not to let too many ppl see my presents. "Is it your laundry? I asked Jokingly." Turns out, Its was three pair of Topmen Boxers all of different color and design. I was like.."LOL..What?" I didn't ask her why it'll be boxers and it was damn weird to be getting underwear from your best friend. She said that she thought it was cute. Inside the box was also a small clay painted fruit with a face. She painted it herself and it'll serve as my Clay piece pillar of strength. She troubled herself to make it.
There was also a long letter which i'll post in another post...the COntents of the letter i mean. Along with that is a pair of Movie tixs to the "Wizard of Oz". She bought it with the excuse of "Going to the Washroom" That was why she was late. She also returned my friendship band which even though i thought i didn't deserve it yet for not trusting her and all, I missed wearing it as it reminds me about Molly every time i look it it.. it reminds me that i have a wonderful girl as a friend. someone who i truly treasure and someone whom i love.

I was stunned and caught offguard. I figured that since she went through alot of bad ended friendships, she would'nt care much about my birthday but it was sweet and there's nothing more i could've asked from her. It made me realized that Molly's indeed an Amazing friend and for that Moment, i fell in love with her again. I knew i can't and i secrificed that for our friendship but there was that feeling and i could'nt help it.

Along with the Presents is also a Crime Thriller book titled ANATOMY OF FEAR by JOHNATHAN SANTLOFER. it was sweet, Lovely and i could'nt ask for a better Birthday surprise. i'd hope that i could repay the same for her birthday.  After we ate we smoked and she played around with my hair trying to style it. While she was infront of me, i could'nt control my feelings. I loved her soo and it's hard to hide the feeling. I became bold and didn't care of any bad consequences that my follow after what i'm about to do. I pretended that something's on her head and held her head with my right hand. I pulled her head closer to mine and kissed her forehead. It sent a tremble in my heart as it was the first time i've kissed Molly. It was the First time i kissed someone's forehead before. And it felt Special and it was worth it because its Molly.

We watched Movie and kissing her Forehead was enough to content my heart and keep it hidden. After the Movie however, She wished me another happy birthday while we were walking to e bus stop. She stopped and spread out her hands to hug me. I froze there for a moment, Not believing the turn of events. I've always thought of Hugging her when i'm leaving for NS and kissing her cheeks before falling in with my platoon. It was a sweet moment to think of. A Sweet Moment to plan for. But she hugged me and i hugged her. My heart trembled again but i forced to keep it locked up. I was happy. Thankyou Molly.

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