Saturday, 2 March 2013

March 2 (Doodling)

Didn't get to see her but she greeted me a Sweet Good Morning which i had to wake up an hour earlier and text her. But i had no problems with that. I enjoyed Texting her. Well she firstly she showed me a Math Problem which had me and my "Dad's" name in it.

Yup that's the One. Was preety like..."Damn..way to start a day with this dude on my mind" But i didn't care anyways. Its just something funny. :D She then drew me something cute.

I figured that was a house and Molly was saying something like we're living together? But turns out that's a Rocket. :) That's not a rocket silly!
And Somehow, i look kinda fat...and what's with my face? lol x3 Nevermind :) 
Well She did went jogging with her sister which is pretty neat. Gosh, Gotta go Jogging with her one day...or with my sis. Its been awhile since i went jogging. She also told me that she won't be working tomorrow and thus she won't be able to get my birthday present in time.
I'm turning 18 in four days! can you believe that? its too fast...But i don't care much about my
Presents, Having Molly with me is the only present i want. Or a Hug from her, That'll be pretty neat Lol x3  Oh and yes i've finally uploaded the Pics we took in Changi Airport
on the 1st of March yesterday :D

I feel like a Midget. :(
Her big bro will be coming over her place tomorrow so i won't be messaging her that much :)
Time for her to catch up with her bro before he'll have to leave overseas again. She gave me another surprise drawing which is preety cute tho ;)
Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! x3 Soo Cute :D
Her Moon looks like Shafiqa's FloorBall's Ball.
Ouhh Shafiqa...x3 Just kidding ;D
.......Damn son......xD ahaha
Well that's all for tonight's post. Wosh Wosh.
Oh yea Molly wants to Pierce her septum and i'm totally against that cuz it looks.... indecent for a lady. But it would'nt be wrong for her to try out i's just a pierce right? How bad
Could it be? :D I wanna be there when she's having her piercing so that i'll held her hand when she's in pain...ouhh would'nt that be cute. x3 GOGOGO!!

this is :)

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