Friday, 8 March 2013

March 8 pt2 (Trouble in her heart)

Forgiving, Loyal to her friendship, Loving someone forever even after what they did to her. These are the main qualities that i love about Molly. And plus she's beautiful and sweet and cute and ik i treat her like my maid at times but she's special to me in alot of ways.

But while jogging, She told me that an Ex friend of her texted her saying that she missed Molly and all. Molly given her a second chance but never have she really appreciated Molly for Molly's Sacrifices in time and Money for her. ik money dosn't mean anything in friendships, well at least to me but it's just there.

Molly still loves "Her" but she also hates "Her".
She hates her for how "N" for short, Treated her like. How "N" never really appreciate Molly's sacrifices. They were close but perhaps from what i think is true about "N", She's one of those people whom takes Advantage of Molly. Throwing her around like an unused phone when they're happy. And taking her back when they're bored and have nothing better to do.
Thats what i felt about "N". And that is also what i told Molly.

But Molly loves "N" because of their History together. They spent alot of time together and they Bonded together like best friends. Even after all the Shits "N" did to Molly, It was obvious that Molly turned a blind eye just to keep her friendship with "N". But everyone has their limits and Soon, Molly pushed her away. Still, Molly blames herself and always asked if it was the right thing to do. Pushing people away that is.
"I pushed people away, People who don't deserve to be friends with me. People who don't deserve to have a friend like me."

That was what she said before and its an Eyeopener. Its True to what she said and it's damn straight up Reasonable but its also a strong sentence that we shouldn't use freely. For Molly's case, That sentance fits perfectly. She she's not to blame. It's her keeping herself safe and away from Heartaches that "N" might bring if she was given the chance.

But since i didn't know "N" that well and was just judging who "N" was from what Molly told me about her, I gave Molly two choices.
1. Molly gave "N" Another Chance and take the risk to friendship. Maybe "N" changed. Maybe their friendship might turn out beautiful this time..butt i have more doubts about this and i didn't think "N" Changed from what Molly told me. Plus, "N" was given a second chance  before to make up for her mistakes and to start their friendship anew. So this wasn't really the best option i can give.

2. The Second Option that Molly can follow is to continue doing what she always had done. To ignore "N"'s texts even though they're heartwarming and painful to read. But its just something Molly have to go through and move on about. To continue to ignore and live her life without turning back to look and recall back old memories with "N". Its sorta like you've written a long compo abt "N". And you read it back. Its painful and all. But to really help in moving on is to forget. It might be hard to forget. But with a Light or a matchstick, She'll be able to burn the Compo and in time forget what she wrote about "N". I wanna help Molly find that fire to burn her old painful memories. and i have just the thing for it. It might not be much but i hope what i'll give her on the eleventh of March might help her move on.
It'll be pethetic i swear but it soothes your mind if you know someone's going through such lengths just to make you feel better.

For me personally, I'll go with Option two. "N" Dosent deserve Molly and even after giving her a second chance, She still hasn't change. Chances might not mean anything but if it does, It'll mean a hell of alot. That's what i've learn to believe from Molly and i think that's a lesson i'll always remember. To love someone after all the shits they did to you. Do they love you the same way you love them?

After Jogging, we hung out with Billy as he came down and we talked about Various stuff like ways to train your legs, Fashions, "N", Religion and some various stuffs. I can't promise you anything...I don't know if i can even help you and be of use. But i'll try. You told me before that you can take care of your own life. But everyone needs someone behind them to support them when they're falling. I'll always be by your side.
                                                                        ThankYou Molly. Lots of Love from Me.

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