Friday, 1 March 2013

March 1st (You Coward Farid!! >:( )

Its a Friday today and we didn't have classes so i figured that since we have a PLC test coming up this Monday, I want Molly to Ace the test so i planned for a study date with her at Changi Airport just to help her up. And i swear that i'd stop spending on her.

I planned to have the Study session at twelve but plans changed since i wanted to head to Friday Prayers hoping that Accepting my religion would help keep me calm. It does help and i felt calm. Finished Prayers at 2pm and took a longer time while waiting for the bus. Didn't bother much about it but ended up meeting Molly under her void at around 3pm. She waited for me for 2-3hours. We talked about stuff and i noticed that she got her cheap Monday bag delivered and she was already using it.

Disappointing thing was that it was not the real one. I wouldn't say it was a scam on the seller's part. Molly should have asked the seller if it was the Authentic version. Turns out the Seller Painted the Skull-Like Mascot onto a white bag which you could easily find for $5.
Felt bad for her but shit happens. Gotta accept that the world is a cruel place.

We walked through some Residential houses to reach our Bus Stop. There, we also talked about how pissed she was with her Job. For the Job to cancel her Work Booking and called in the Regular's which are Elderly. I can't say much but you cant just cancel someone who had booked to work. It's just not right..But these are just past and Parcel in a job. Shit happens like it does everywhere else.

When we arrived, I got some Cookies and a Coke for refreshments in-between study breaks.
I taught her the basics and the things she needed to know for PLC. I taught her preety much everything that i understood on PLC. And she caught on pretty fast. Proud of her. Gave her some Exercise on X,Y,Z Movements, Offset Methods and the Wait Time Method which she'd  understand in just a matter of two hours. I'll run through some more on what i've taught her on Monday while we're going to school.

My Mom came around while she was on break and i caught on with her. She also talked alil with Molly and even Bought Molly a cup of Sundae Ice Cream from MacD. Guess me and My mom have something in common afterall. Well played Mom x3

After My Mom Left for work, I taught Molly alil more as we sat down at the Viewing Bay in Terminal 2. After that, we smoked at Terminal 3 where she opened again on who she should invite on her chellet on her birthday. She left alot of her former friends just not to get herself hurt since they don't really deserve to have a friend like her. Hell sometimes i don't even think someone like me who lies alot and don't even have a  damn clue why he lies to deserve someone like Molly. She's precious to me and i'm worried that i'd hurt her again. If i do, I might take a step down. I don't want to hurt her which was why i asked her to bare with me. She didn't want me to promise her that i won't lie again and i understood why she took Promises are meant to be broken.

Can't blame you for the things you been through. And i even though i don't understand what you've been through, I hope i won't be an Ass and turn out to be the same as your former friends. I don't trust myself so i don't want Molly to trust me. I've been putting on a mask since i was a kid and i'll always pretend to be someone i'm not. Which now, I don't even know who i was. Who i am and who i'm suppose to be. It suck to forget your true self. Maybe i'm just being myself the whole time. Someone who lies alot and is a Coward to not being Honest. I won't accept that. And even if that is who i really am, I'll promise myself what i can't promise Molly. I promise to be honest and stop denying the truth. I won't lie again. I had to have Molly keep my friendship band because i don't deserve to wear it when i don't trust myself. ahh....damn damn damn. I'd really wanna change and change takes time.

To be Honest to myself and to others. I've stopped caring about Luna and everyone else who left. Maybe they were right...i changed. Maybe that's why Misa left. Tch i don't care anymore. To change myself is my top Priority. Once i've changed into someone Molly can trust, then and there i'll focus on making her happy. To change. I'll change. Heh i'll prove myself that i will. Hang in there for me Molly. Bare with me.

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