Wednesday, 6 March 2013

March 6 (I'm Weird?)

Yup Weird/Weirdo whatever, Been called that too many times to the point where i have my eyebrows raised to the climax. Lol but seriously. Got me thinking. and what's bad about it is that all the people who calls me weird is Molly's friends. What is going on? Everything was peaceful and suddenly on the way back when the chapter of the day was closing, Everything went haywire. o .o I just do get it and i don't like it. Us being in all kinds of shits because of something small or big we're just arguing/fighting alot lately. 

I hate it? Don't like it never will. I don't give a damn if you call me weird or whatever i'll just have to accept it. Its what you judge me and its who i am to you i respect that. Peace. But on another note ermm...i tried to be myself with Molly and i don't know if its going well. I have a slightly harsh way of speaking, I'll raise my voice alil even tho i'm not angry and it'll give the people an idea that i'm mad at them but No. I'm not. I'll tell you if i'm mad at you but if i'm raising my voice just to get my point over to you, Then its just me trying double hard to let you UNDERSTAND me. Really.

It all started peaceful i suppose. I woke up late because i'm not suppose to pick Molly up from school and didn't really have any motivation to wake up. Ended up waking up late, Purposely of corse i woke up to edit the alarm all the time. Came to school at nine and Molly at ten. We went for a smoke where i was given two stick by her. And i'm paying her back tomorrow. And it'll be Winston. The Cigarette brand that i DON't hate but the Cigarette Brand that i CAN'T love. its in between Loving and Hating. Yup and err....yea about the weird part. 

I donno. I don't blame anyone, I'll accept it. I'm Weird, I'm a weirdo. Moving on. Yea i can't seem to understand why our days are like following a Damn scheduled. Our Morning would be damn peaceful but when it time for us to part ways or going home, Something will happen and we'll end up arguing or losing trust in one another. Damn. What is going on? I don't know it's either we did something wrong somewhere or just a damn Sway Coincidence that we're suppose to have a fight right after a great day tgt. 

Oh yes and Tomorrow is 7th March Yup. My Birthday. Yup. Kinda Miss Luna and all but Nope, It'll at the back of my mind and i'll lock it deep in my heart till i forget about her. She gave up on me and i'm just repaying you with the same gesture lady. But yes it's my birthday and i'll be eating at Pizza Hutt with Molly. I had to lie to her again tho. My mom and sis are busy to celebrate so i only have her to celebrate with so yea. Its my money, Not my Moms. ^^

I can't tell her the truth..if i do she won't be coming along. Sorry yo ;)
err..oh yea i'm alil sick. I can't seem to eat much then how i'm used to. it like...i wanna eat but when i see a bowl of delicious porridge, My stomach turns numb and you'll feel soo damn full even on an empty stomach and just wanna puke. Thought of seeing a doc but i think i'm improving towards getting well soon. Tomorrow, have to act normal towards Molly tomorrow. Damn i don't wanna lie to her. This Money thing is the last lie i swear. If i'm still feeling the same thing while sitting down infront of pizza's, I'll tell her straight out. 

She's frying some eggs for supper. I'm gonna head in, Been feeling weak since i've been down with this....CONDITION :3 Peace Out Bitches.

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