Saturday, 9 March 2013

(Birthday Letter)

Hi what's up! happy 18 Birthday <3

You're eighteen today! Today will be remembered in so many lovely ways.
 I wish you will always stay the same.
The (My Name) I knew 1 month 2 days ago.
Thank-You for all the things that you have done for me all these while. Picking me up under my void deck despite having difficulties waking up early in the morning!! Sending me back home when you are exhausted just to keep me safe from danger. The talks we had in the library when you cried away with me. These endless sweet, cute treats and gifts you gave me They were special, especially when they are all from you! The presents i have given you do not manage to convey how thankful i am to have you part of my life. I'm glad to have you around! I believed that we are meant to be friends, for god has brought us together again after the first attempt of being close to you went away. Thank-you for acknowledging me when no one else did. You're mind-blowing! Thank-you for the love you showered me with. Thank-you for making your birthday sweeter by coating me. Hehe! :P I hope that you'll enjoy your day today to the fullest! =) i am honored to e here with you. HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, (My name)!!!
Ps: Do not take advantage of your age to smoke more ciggarettes! :(
May God bless you always...

Always in my thoughts, (Her Real Name) <3

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