Thursday, 14 February 2013

Feb 15 (Faith)

We didn't have classes today which is a friday. And today was the day which i've decided on sharing a friendship band together.

Mat up with her at twelve and we sat down under a shelter. i was nervous when she read the letter which i wrote for her. Hell i must also agree that the Lollipops i gave her was alil too much but i can't seem to find any other way to express how much i wanna be a friend to her.

All these while, Even with her company, It never once felt to me like we were truly friends. There was still that slight tint of feeling that i was still a stranger to her. She lost alot of friends before and that caused her to worry that i might do the same to her. It was a feeling to me like there's no trust in our "Friendship". To me, She's a great friend but i worry that she might back away without the trust in our friendship.

I'm sure that i won't leave her but, i don't know if she'll feel the same way. Hopefully, our friendship band might be enough to bound us together and wrap a sense of "Trust" into our friendship.

Since her uncle is hospitalized, I didn't wanna take too much of her time and i hope for the best that her Uncle will be in safe hands and will make a fast recovery. Have faith Molly.
These are just one of the things i can't help her with and though i feel hopeless, There's nothing i can do but just give words of faith.

I promised her that this blog will be in her reach on her birthday. July 19th. If i save $50 for my every pay day, I'd save $250 by july and that's for her birthday which ive decided on buying Doc Martin's Tessles Loafers for her. And thus, since i'll be passing this blog to her sooner then having to wait for my NS, i'd have to stop putting in my nevermind :)

Keeping it forbidden. Our friendship is more important then my feelings. Her Happiness tops it all. Keep that in mind Farid.

She planned to buy me GTA5 but that'll come out by April which is after my birthday. I don't care that much for a birthday present and i don't want to trouble her for a present which is why i don't really care that much.

So don't waste your money on me Molly :) i'm happy enough trying to make you happy.
Because you great friend.

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