Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Feb 25 (Another Version ;S)

Feb 25th
Finally, the day when I get to go to school tgt with her again. Gave her them cookies which she loved. Could be a habit tho, Giving her cookies on Mondays that is. We’ll see how it goes ;)
She was cheery earlier this morning, We walked to the MRT as per normal and smoked afew while she ate one of the Choc Cookies. She has the smile on her face which is the one thing I’ll be wishing to see at the start of my everyday’s. Oh and yes, she has a Cookie dance which I’ve yet to see how It goes. Can’t wait to see it tho. Cookie Dance!!! ;3
Oddly tho, she dislikes ChipsMore cookies, Stating something like they aren’t actual cookies. O. o I don’t get you ma friend. I’m not a cookie person so preety much forgot two of her fav cookies. Nvm, Will just grab Famous Amos Cookies for Special Occasion, Like her birthday for once. J
She also talked about how she got into a fight with a China Lady whom is her colleague, Something about Teas Spoons and Stacking of Plates. Teamwork meant anything to you lady? I can’t say cuz I don’t even know this lady but from what I heard from Molly, The China lady was rude and shouldn’t have acted the way she did towards Molly.
Her sis in law also gave her a Grey Colored Mango Jeans which Molly used Black Dye to dye it so that she’ll be able to wear it to school. Pretty innovative I’d say. She didn’t even got caught by any of the SGO’s which I’d say she’s just Lucky. ;)
During PLC Class, I helped her understand how the things works and tried my very best to help her understand how she’ll be able to Create her own Program to work on the Robot. I’m Proud of her since she’s catching up on the things I’ve taught her. However, We do have a test next week so I’d be Revising the things she’ll need to know about the test. I want to see Molly succeed and if I’m successful, I’d be so damn proud of her. What are friends for eh? ;)
During break however, I kind of snapped. I just became angry at everything, My Dad, My ex and even a guy in my class. Cursing infront of Molly isn’t something I’d like her to see me do. I regret not being able to control my anger and I promised myself I’ll never Snap again. At least not when I’m with Molly ;) She don’t need to see me like that and I don’t want to trouble her by sharing my Problems. There’s just no way neither of us can help with the problems I’m facing. Of course I’m aware that sharing my problems with her will help me calm down and help her understand me more but the problems I’m facing are just, well they’re not really personal it’s just that, I don’t want to make Molly worry for my well being. I promised myself that I won’t have these problems affect my Studies. Hell they’ve already did enough by affecting my appetite. But that’s that. :/
During tea Break however, We ate at Central Delights and we kinda had a small argument about Aisah. She told me that she Misses Aisha but she had already stopped caring. The way I picture it, You’d either Miss someone or you don’t care at all. If you don’t care about the person, You would’nt be missing him or her. But that how I’d see things if I face the same situation as her. Honestly I have, And Reminding myself that those people don’t deserve my Care and time helped me a lot in “Not giving a Fuck about them.” However, Molly took it as I don’t really understand her. And I feel the same way to be honest. I don’t know how she feels, I don’t know what problems she has with Aisha aside from the fact that Aisha always ditch plans on the very last min and they’re drifting apart after they spilt classes. I want to understand you Molly so that Perhaps then I’d be able to help you. But you never really share much to me and I can’t really fully understand you. I feel your pain and it hurts me as well seeing what you’re going through. But I know that even if I completely understand you, Its between you and Aisha and there’s really nothing I can do to help. Only you can help yourself Molly. Stay strong and Time will reward you in its own way. You don’t have to worry about anything as I’ll stay by your side for as long as you need me ;)
Part two. During Lunch, We slacked outside of the Campus with Billy and he told us that Aisha is currently dating his brother. However, Aisha didn’t told Molly about her new relationship and I know that hurt Molly. A Feeling that someone once closed to you kept something that special from you. And you loved them but they weren’t around when you need them the most and they don’t share things with you. Much like being strangers with the person you love. I’m sure Molly’s trying to find a right way of handing her friendship and I’ll support her in rebuilding her friendship with Aisha. But like I said, that’s entirely up to Molly.
There are ups and Downs in friendships but to me, It’ll be a long slope down before there’ll be a hill to climb back up in their friendship. As for our’s, I’m not sure where the road will take us yet. I’m constantly Changing my Attitude and Personality, Well Change isen’t the right word, More like I’m Constantly trying to improve myself so that I’ll be the perfect guy to be Molly’s Best friend. I don’t want to disappoint her. Never again.
After that, Me and Molly didn’t talk much until the day ended, Molly went down with Manses and she  had stomach cramp. Seeing her in pain hurts me. And the only way I knew I could help was to have her take in some Panadol to help relief the pain alil. But she insisted in not taking them as she had always took them for her migraines. She’s a Stubborn girl and never have I once won a debate with her.
Thus I gave her another deal, Either she eats one Panadol or I’d send her home. I wanted her to be safe and I fear and worry that something might happen on her way home and I’m not there. She tried to change the topic so I went with the flow. Right as our train arrived at my station, I didn’t get off as I’ve not finished my part of the deal. She didn’t eat a single panadol and so I’ll be sending her home.
She was disappointed that I troubled myself and I keep telling her that I don’t care if I’m being a nuisance but so long I’m sure she’s fine on her way back home, It’s a Sacrifice I’d gladly make.
One thing to remember about Molly is that even though she’s sick, when it comes to sport, She’ll participate even if she just recovered from a spirant  ankle or is currently having stomach cramp, She won’t push the offer of participating in Sports games away. Like I said, she’s stubborn and I’ll be keeping a close eye on her no matter how she feels about it. If she thinks I’m being a nuisance and wants me out of her life…then I wouldn’t know what I’d do. Knowing her, that’ll be the last thing she’ll ever think of.
Anyways That’s it for tonight. My eyes are heavy and I’d like to continue but I’ll leave it for tomorrow to make the finale edits and Post everything I’ve yet to post, Starting from Feb 22nd. Whew. Nights Molly, Stay strong and Stay Safe. Lots of Love,….Pinochio. ;)

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