Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Feb 23 (Heart Warming Texts)

Feb 23rd
No School, No Free Time, No Chances of Seeing Molly today L
Lol but no, We’re still connected through messages which is still cool. It took her awhile to reply which kinda pushes me towards buying her anew phone and a Prepaid Sim card for her convenience use as her birthday present, Bhuut..we’ll see ;) And I’m getting Pampered with her Morning greetings. They’re sweet..and it didn’t really help in NOT missing you Molly. Gawd.
Oh yea..i wrote Molly on my Band which is preety swell.
Moving on, Molly didn’t work today for some reason….-_- She didn’t replied either since her mom went to johor with her sis. Which I believed to be her eldest Sis. She was at home..the whole day…and she ate Subway…while I ate aircraft food. Well on the bright side they’re still free so I can’t complain ;)
Her oldest bro will be returning back to Singapore today and she seems excited so I’m happy for her. Blum….badabom…bingchow! o 3o
“I’m glad you came into my life. “…Ikr? ;D
“I Promise to change into a better person for myself and the ones that are close to me. “…You promised.
“Please Don’t lose faith in me”…NEVER
“Don’t give up on me yet, Farid”….Never Doubted you…never have…Never will. Promise.
“I still need you here, Beside me Everyday”..Except on the weekends. X3
“Good Night Pinochio” -__- dammit.
Not sure abt lying..but…I don’t suppose my lies where that bad. I mean they weren’t serious lies. Well I suppose lies are still Alright compared to if I were cheating on her feelings. That is a nono farid. I’ll seriously Falcon Punch you if you Cheat on Molly’s Feeling >:( Not a Laughing matter Brah.
Don’t worry Farid..I won’t :D GAH She’s soooo Cute! xD
<. < yay! :D

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