Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Feb 24 (Making a Habit)

Feb 24th
Turns out Molly works together with her 2nd Sister, At times I think..not all the time…Maybe..I dunno..Gotta ask her tmw. And Finally I’m going to school with Molly again tmw ^^ Goodbye boring bus rides. Hello fun Train ride with Molly.
I’d start with how my day went. Woke up at ten and my heart melted when there were loads of text from Molly. Well “Loads” is too much..perhaps about six..i think.
The text went like this. ^^ Sharing the love yo.
As the sun rises, I could hear the birds chirping ,melodiously. :) That was a short poem I made by myself like two months ago? Haha goodmorning pinochio?! Have a fruitful day ahead! Don’t forget to eat your breakf, lunch n dinner! Stay healthy bitch! :P and always be gooooood
Dragging my feets to work…………..what a drag>:] I see what you did there.
Having my fave food, cooooooookies now for breakf!! :D
Ok,gotta sign in for work now. Seeeee yoooooooou in a bit….i won’t be seeing you Molly <. < it’s a weekend…stop breaking ma heart.
And then I work up and replied. I know my replies are lame but deal with it. Accept me for who I am T^T
Im surprised you can text me while doing all this (I don’t get what I meant either) ;) ***** (Her sis’s name) Doesn’t mind you bringing her phone? (I meant bringing her phone to work) Morning! Anyways have a beautiful day Repunzel! J
“….have I ever misbehaved? (Her text looked like she’s saying that I misbehaved often which I TOTALLY Disagree. I’m a well behaved and well mannered Kid. Always have been and always will be) :D. Free breakfast at work? :s soo Syiok..” (Figured she got her Cooooooookies free at work…but I was wrong)
Haha that is multi-tasking’pinochio. J shes working with me. Well,who knows? (Abt me Misbehaving) Yup! Jealous nt? (Abt the Cooooooookies) bt the cookies is mine hor (She didn’t get it for free at work).”
Nvm inside aircraft there’s more choices of Cookies and Tib-Bits. (Cookies…two-Three Choices. Tib-Bits…depends on where the flight is headed to.) hmph jealous much? (Giving her pay back for cookies….yup) I didn’t know your sis works with you. Cool. You la always tell me to behave…like im always misbehaving like tht.
I told you edi? (Abt her sis working with her) You didn’t paid attention!? (I forgot! Gawd I’m sorry!) Wahhh take me some cooookiess preddy pls ;) (Just because she’s special to me, I’d take the risk of getting caught and getting fired….and…there better be a reward for this…:3 just kidding…but it’ll be cool if there is one tho…and I’m not asking for any form of repayment…WinkWink ;))
“…o . o maybe I forgot..teehee…Kk see first. J (But hey…I got her two packs of cookies…each containing two..and both are of diff flavors. One is Choc and the other is Oats and Honey….ew. x3)
Yup that’s part of what we texted and they’re….yup nvm ;3 Err oh yea, Her Oldest bro should be back so I wonder how’s things. Might ask her tmw. - .- shit happened and I don’t wanna talk abt it…not here at least. Errr yup nuthin else. Nights! :D

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