Friday, 22 February 2013

Feb 19

A lot of things happened today and so I’ll start off with how the morning went.
The night before, Molly and her family went for a Feast at East Coast for some Seafood dishes. It was after all her eldest sister’s birthday. And so they went and they enjoyed the food, While she was there, a “Cross-Dressing Dude” aka a Homosexual guy with Long hair and dresses up like a female would sat at the table beside her’s and her family’s.
Molly didn’t noticed anything until the “Dude’s” friend accidentally dropped something. Could be a Utensil, a Chicken or a Piece of Prawn. I forgot. And the “Dude” Screamed like how a Women would. We all can differentiate how a Male and a Female’s Scream sounds like. And lets just leave it at that ;)
And so Molly looked at “Him” and was shocked/Surprised  for a moment. She didn’t thought at the first glance that “She” was actually a “He”. Somehow along the way after Molly ignored “Him” She looked somewhere towards where he was sitting and HE noticed. Its sorta like he had a feeling someone was looking at him and so I suppose “He” glared/Stared at Molly.
Hell if you wouldn’t want someone to look at you at least be Normal. You’re a Telephone booth in the Middle of the Desert. A Black sheep in the center of a Herd of white sheep would make a better example but I still think the Telephone Booth is cooler. But back to the Main story, Be Normal if you don’t want people to look at you. Its common sense, Its just Human Nature. People WILL LOOK at things they’re not used to SEEING. Like if you saw a Meteorite, You’d be Shocked and you’ll remember it for the rest of the Year maybe for the rest of your life. Thing is, You’ll Look, Because you’re not gonna see a Meteorite on a daily basis. Its Damn Rare.
You WILL look. Nobody will be noticing a Meteorite and be like…”Oh it’s a Meteorite…cool” and look away. Its just not RIGHT!. What I’m trying to say is, You can’t blame people for looking at you. Because they’ll look at you as you’re different!. You’re a Dude wearing Chick cloths. I’m not one to judge people by who they are and how they show/express themselves but don’t go blaming others for looking at you. Its something you’ll have to be prepared for and Accept for as long as you’re Different then “SOCIETY”.
Well back to the story, Molly ignored the “Dude” who glares at her and just forget about it. What I was  told of her dad is that he’s not one who you’ll easily be close with. He has that “Stand Alone” Personality. Her dad, Is sorta like my uncle. He’s there…but you’ll never truly feel like he’s there. Like a Living Doll to put it plainly.
And so he really didn’t liked following others to family bonding outings, I think so, Not sure. Molly and her family thought of buying him (Her Father) Some fried Noodles but unfortunately, The Store was closed so they really didn’t have any other choices but to go home empty handed with a Full stomach.
When they got home, Her dad was like Sad. He asked Molly’s Mom.
Dad: Where did you guys went to?
Mom: We went to have dinner at East Coast.
Dad: And you didn’t bought anything for me? Any food?
I figured at this point her mom was Speechless or maybe she did responded with..
Mom: The Store which sells Fried Noodles was closed.
You know what? Molly you’ll be the one reading this so you’ll prolly remember what happened x3 I’m not gonna Type down the Whole scenario of what happened. It happened to you and its not like I’m posting for anyone else to read J
Moving on, During class I managed to teach her alil on PLC Controls which we use the TWIN CAT software to run our programs and test it out. She did pretty well and I’m more determined to ensure that she’ll understand the whole idea of PLC one day. I’m sure of it and it’s a promise. Maybe one day Me and Her would be able to just chill out at Changi Airport and study together. I’ll be able to teach her On ABB stuffs and PLC Controls and she’ll teach me on Robotics Theory.
Oh yea and I landed her my Nintendo DS which she enjoyed playing and I’m sure Dania will too. Seeing her smile while she’s playing it is kinda cute and it warms my heart. 
But she also did say that I deserve better girls. Girls prettier then her. In my heart I knew that she was the only one I want.  She’s beautiful inside and outside in my opinion and I just love her. She’s precious to me so yea. She Deserves better and I wanna be that guy who’ll make her happy. The Dude who shares a Friendship band with her and…hehe hopefully, the gu y who shares the same couple ring with her and soon, A Wed lol! J maybe, It’ll be a dream come true for me then.
That’s that for this post and I’ll have more to update ;) Night Molly. Still having you in my heart. I did say I’ve written your name in my heart and forever it’ll stay. I still mean it and it still means something to me over the past two weeks we’ve been close friends. I wonder what to tomorrow brings.

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