Friday, 22 February 2013

Feb 21

21st February. The Day when we moved through our arguments. Today is also a day when I’m even more confused about my feelings about her. The Awkward feeling where me and my heart don’t see eye to eye. I felt that I’ve moved on with my feeling. Knowing that I’m over with the love I have for her but still want to treasure her a Precious Friend. The One friend where I truly wish to have for now and forever.
However, My heart tells me a different feeling which personally I don’t know how I felt about my feelings for her. Went to school alone today and it was the most boring part of the day. Sitting in the bus alone listening to music and having nobody at your side whom you could talk to or joke around with. I’m sick of going to school alone in an hour’s bus ride.
 During break time, we ate together at a newly opened cafeteria which is called “Central Delights” if I still remember it correctly. It’s “Nasi Ayam Penyek” isn’t that bad. She seems to enjoy playing the NDS games which I am Happy seeing her focus on the games.
She also wore her friendship band today which I’m still confused about. There’s much on my mind, On our friendship, On my family and of course on how Luna is acting lately. It’s hard to understand her with a heavy heart. When I asked her why she wore our friendship band, She told me something about because we argued the day before. I remember hearing that Arguments is just a normal event that shows that we’re growing closer and starting to understand each other. Maybe that’s what she meant. Even she can’t explain it. But I don’t want her to wear it. I want her to wear it when she truly trust me to be her friend. Then and there, will the friendship band truly mean something.
For me to wear it everyday is to help me remember her as my Pillar of Strength. At times when I feel worried or stressed, I’ll hold onto the Band, The Feeling of it kinda gives me a secure feeling, A feeling that helps assure me that everything will be fine. It helps me remember that I have Molly with me.
During our train ride back home, She talked about how Cute,Heavy,Fat bobby is. She also mentioned that Bobby has soft furs which honestly, I don’t think so. Bobby is a complete exact version of a real life Garfield. A Fat and Lazy cat. Only approaches you whenever he’s hungry. And whenever he wanna sleeps, he’ll be taking half of your bed space.
She also Mentioned how her cat has Gum Problems and smells alil. I gotta meet her cat and see him for myself. Molly, Bobby bites people just for the fun of it. He doesn’t scratch people which is good enough. He can’t even defend himself from a fight with Stray cats, How is he suppose to defend himself from a Human? ;)
When I got home, I took a nap which ended up with me Dreaming of Molly. The Dream Started with Me and Zi Cong. We were working together, I was in the company Van and he was driving. We were just driving around the Airport and chilling. Guess I kinda miss that dude. After that, I dreamt of her. The girl I wish to be with. The Girl I wanna see everyday. My Precious Girl, I dreamt of Molly and me in somewhere Peaceful. There’s no place like that in Singapore but I love that place. It was night time, The Floor is wet and the Street Lamps lights reflects on the puddles on the floor. It is surrounded by Chellet room on the second floor and shops on the ground floor. It was a peaceful place. Me and Molly were holding hands and we were just happy. Hell, even now I wish I’d return into that dream. We ended up in a clothing shop that’s like a branded shop. Bobby was there hiding in the shirts and I picked him up and carried him while we looked around the shop. After that the scene kinda changed into a train ride. I was in the MRT train with Molly. There were like 3-4 other people whom I felt like they were close to me and Molly. But I forgot their faces which proved that I don’t know them in real. We were all joking around and laughing. Molly however has short hair but she looks beautiful with it. Maybe these people might be our friends one day. We were all happy and I’d wish for that dream to come true. The Day when I’d be able to hold her hand and seek happiness with her. To laugh, To smile, To be happy. -__- now I wanna sleep again. 

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