Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Feb 26 (Cookies)

The Day started pretty Hectic For me. Had to wait for her at a "Playground". I was half asleep and didn't even thought of asking her which playground it was. I'm an Idiot ;P
So i waited at the Playground which was close to her place. And so i waited. She Seems to take forever to arrive and i was damn worried that she might have meant to wait for her at a playground somewhere else. But that wasn't really important, She came down late which was why i was worried. Might hafta get her a prepaid card. I need her to have it in case something like this happens again.

During class however, She didn't cease to impress me with her quick to grasp on the things i teach her. Of course i'll be planning for a study "Date" to help her get a hang on things. Tho i slept during Lectures and might need her help to catch up what i missed during my trips into my dreams. We ate Cookies and i opened up to her again on my probs about my father. Didn't really wanted to tell her but she'll have to know to understand who i am. I hope she'll accept me for my dark sides towards my dad. How much i hate him and all that.

She got bold today tho, By bullying me. Sure of course i'll be able to handle her since she's dear to me. But if it was someone else, i'd be annoyed. Amazed at how i can manage to stay relaxed with her dissing me by trying to make me trip and fall. Lmao its like i'm someone else when i'm with her. Funny..:)

But i enjoyed today and oh yea, tmw i have a surprise for her. A New shop selling Yoghurts or icecream whatever is it opened up recently and i don't think Molly knows of it. Gonna surprise her by treating her to something that they sell there. Just because i like to see her happy and surprise her. She won't see it coming. Trust me on this one ;) i'll be planning on having her wait for me after we ate with the excuse of heading to the washroom while i'll make my way to the shop. Hopefully it won't be packed tmw. We'll see.

We'll see :) Can't wait to see the smile on her face tho.
Preety much it for today. Gonna Post all the Post that i've yet to post up since i had problems with connecting to e internet. Yup Yup. ^^

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