Friday, 22 February 2013

Feb 22 (Pranked)

Feb 22nd
Today is a Friday and we don’t have any classes for this term. Didn’t get to meet her which is a disappointment. Since yesterday’s Dream, I’ve been missing molly. Damn me x3
She’s just a beautiful person both Personality and how looks. It’s hard not to Miss someone like her. I woke up at around twelve in the afternoon and was greeted by a sweet message from Molly. She told me that she finally found a bag she wants. It’s a Cheap Monday bag which is white and if I’m not mistaken it’s sorta like a side bag I suppose? Not sure what’s the Name of that type of bag. But YES she found it Online and bought it for $18 off a Local seller.
She also told me that she Misses me twice today and that Warms my heart alil ^__^ awwh Miss that Doobie. In the Afternoon, I was informed that she was Awarded for her Progression and Improvement in her Studies. I was also Awarded the Same thing however, In order for her to attain the Certificate and Bursary award, She’ll have to shake hands with the MP which is err……Community…Residential…Member…I suppose? :D I dunno! :D
I…wasn’t invited….Q__Q Idon’tCare…hmph..Q. Q
Proud of you Molly! :D
Tonight however, was also a ROllerCoaster Ride for this lilheart of mine. A Friend of mine told me that A friend of his is giving away Tickets for Universal Studios Singapore for only $25!! The Norm price for a Tixs is about $75-$80..i don’t know cuz I don’t bother with USS T^T. I was damn Excited and figured I’d invite Molly to go with me….However, It turned out to be a prank and…..All hope is lost. Damn F***ers!!! > .> I hate you people.
-_- Yeap. Well Missing Molly and Prolly won’t see her over the Weekends. I soo soo wanna go to school wit her this Monday cuz going to school alone is just BORING T^T.

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